Yo-Zuri Diving Slider 140mm R1156-CDR

Varenummer Yo-Zuri Diving Slider 140mm R1156-CDR Prod. varenr.: R1156-CDR Tip en ven
Yo-Zuri Diving Slider 140mm R1156-CDR
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The Yo-Zuri Diving Slider Sinking Lure is weighted for long distance casting. It is the ideal surf lure for striped bass, bluefish, Jack Crevall, Roosterfish, or casting to Tuna, Dorado, or Cobia from the boat. This lure has a slow sinking horizontal presentation on the fall, mirroring a dying baitfsih. This lure has a wide darting action with a steady retrieve and long sweeps of your fishing rod. This action entices a variety of fish to strike.

  • Stainless Steel Wire-Thru Construction
  • Proprietary “Power Body”
  • Color Change Technology
  • Extra Large Eyes
  • 3X Strong Treble Hooks, 3X Strong Split Rings

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