7732CH RI6 Size 8

7732CH RI6 Size 8

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Model/Varenr.: 7732CH RI6
Mustad Big game hooks are extreme fishing instruments
built to support you in the roughest conditions when fishing
for beautiful creatures like marlin, swordfish, tuna
and sharks. Mustad Big Game Stainless Steel hooks are
made from Stainless Steel 716 (AISI 420), electro-polished
and equipped with the razor sharp Mustad Knife Edge
Point. They are forged to increase the strength even
further, making Mustad Big Game hooks the strongest
there is! Mustad Big Game hooks have a reputation
among the world's big game anglers of being sharp,
strong and reliable. It is this reputation that has enabled
Mustad to be the best-selling big game hook in the
world for more than a century.
Now the Big Game range has been completed with
Big Game Rigs. The pre-chained Mustad hooks form a
perfect deadly tool to rig large octopus and konas. The
chains are also in stainless steel for the best corrosion
resistance. A glowing plastic thimble protects your nylon
or wire loop.
Mustad Big Game Rigs
 Stainless steel chain and hooks
 Hook sizes 12/0 - 6/0
 Rigs based on 7691S and 7732
 Glowing thimble for protection nylon or wire loop
 Red silicon bands for chain protection

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