Big Jon Planermast Elektrisk Planermast med 2 Hjul

Big Jon Planermast Elektrisk Planermast med 2 Hjul

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Model/Varenr.: Big Jon Planermast Elektrisk
The Silver Dual
Electric Planer Rigger

Big Jon's Dual Electric
Planer Rigger is the best
built planer rigger on
the market. The mast is
constructed of 6061 aluminum
with a 1/8th inch thick wall
to stand up to the load of
two planers and multiple
fishing lines!

All aluminum parts are
precision machined on CNC
Mills to insure an exact fit
when assembled.

Big Jon offers you the
option of a Pedistal Seat
Mount that fits Springfield
seat bases ( the most common
seat base used by American
boat builders ).


2 pc., 72 in. aluminum mast

Two powerful"High Torque"
12 volt motors w/ wiring kit
and remote switches

Bright, protective anodized finish

Dual 6 in. manual reels w/
adjustable disc clutches

Includes 150 ft. of highly
visible,135 lb. test
tow line per reel
w/ swivel tips

Pedestal seat mount available
on Accessories page, under
Parts Department

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