Jet Popper jp7 Mullet

Jet Popper jp7 Mullet

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Model/Varenr.: Jet Popper jp7 Mullet
Williamson Jet Popper Lures- Top Water anglers get ready for some action with this plug. The New Williamson Jet Popper has a large cup face and jet holes will create a loud pop and bubble trail that drives the fish crazy. The Jet Popper is rigged with 3 ball bearing swivels, one at the nose, and one at each of the hook connection points, allowing for free swinging hooks and virtually eliminating the ability for the fish to use the plugs weight as leverage to throw the hook. The Williamson Jet Popper is an excellent choice for Giant Trevally and Yellowfin Tuna and most Jack species. Incredible top water strikes will come on these plugs. 7" 4oz

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