Moor Sub Troll 900

Moor Sub Troll 900

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Model/Varenr.: Moor Sub Troll 900
For a long time it's been known that lure speed control plays a very important part in downrigger fishing. That's why all fishing lures have an effective speed range of operation. Many of us find a lure that will run hot in one direction, and then it runs cold, no new hits. Why? The lure is no longer operating within its effective speed range. If just one lure is not operating at the proper speed, it can effect ones that are operating at their effective speed. Trollers should be aware, that not all water currents are over a large area and just on the surface. Some water currents are small and narrow far below the boat. For instance if your surface speed reads 2 mph and your lures are in a facing current of 1.5 mph. Your lure speed is only .5 mph. This wouldn't be an acceptable speed if you were running a lure that was designed to work in the 2-mph range.

Different species of game fish prefer different temperature ranges. Your ability to find and monitor these zones is the key to consistent fishing success.

Moor Electronics has solved this problem, with the Sub-Troll 900 (ST-900). The ST-900 gives you both speed and temperature where you need it most, at the lure. Moor has engineered this system to install easily on any downrigger, even while your boat is afloat.

This patented system allows you to monitor the speed of the lure - not the speed of the boat. You know immediately if under water currents are affecting the lure's action. You also monitor changes in temperature right where it's happening, at the lure.

The ST-900 consists of only three interacting parts. The display readout, the antenna, and the sending unit. The sending unit attaches to the downrigger cable and transmits a signal to the antenna mounted on the downrigger boom. From the antenna the signal is sent to the display through a cable. There is no physical contact between the sending unit and the display readout. The readout may be installed up to 25 feet from the downrigger.

The ST-900 is the only system available that does not require transducers or grounding rods. Because the ST-900 uses a radio signal for the transmission of information, you eliminate bothersome problems associated with sonar type systems. The 9-volt battery will last up to a full season and, no interference with sonar or other electronics on the boat. But most important, a constant reading on the display, even in choppy lake conditions.

The ST-900 underwater sending unit automatically turns its transmitter off when removed from the water. This insures that the 9-volt battery will remain ready for your next fishing trip. While trolling after dark, the ST-900 Illuminating displays make easy work of controlling the speed and temperature. The ST-900 display requires 12 volts to operate.