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Crafted by Experience - it means a great deal to us, it is more than a slogan, it has been hard won, it has been earned, through decades of experience on the water starting and running one of the world's premier bluewater sportfishing charter operations in Australia's remote Coral Sea - Nomad Sportfishing Adventures. Every product has decades of experience behind it - real experience crafted by the forces of nature, and tested to the limit. What this means for you is innovative designs and quality that will stand up to any test. It means quality products that won't let you down when that fish of a lifetime comes along. It means peace of mind and enjoyable time on the water. 


The Dream Becomes a Reality
Nomad Sportfishing Adventures charter operation started as a pipedream for Damon Olsen in the late 1990's. The goal was to setup one of the world's premier bluewater sportfishing operations in the pristine and untouched waters of the Coral Sea, far beyond the edge of the world famous Great Barrier Reef. The idea of building an 80ft mothership, serviced by a fleet of smaller sportfishing centre consoles, and accessed by a 2-3hr floatplane trip into the middle of the ocean was no small feat, and an ambitious goal by any standards. Much of what was planned had never been done anywhere in the world.

In the early 2000's, the dream became a reality, with the launch of the 80ft catamaran mothership Odyssey. Many years on, Nomad Sportfishing Adventures is widely regarded as one of the premier bluewater sportfishing experiences in the world, having been featured on TV shows in over 28 countries, and with thousands of happy anglers having experienced the dream of fishing some of the world's most remote coral reefs, and some of the world's finest fishing.

Nomad Design Tackle is Launched
Having grown up in Australia casting lures for barramundi, and anything else that would take a lure, Damon already had a passion for lures and fishing that some would describe as extreme. The charter business had required sourcing tackle from all over the world to find the toughest and the best gear to withstand the brutal fishing in the Coral Sea. Damon put his engineering background to good use and started researching and developing a range of lures and tackle that would be perfect for the demanding predators of the Coral Sea.

With decades of experience on the water watching lures, guiding clients, and learning about fish habits and behaviours, there was a wealth of design ideas ready to be unleashed, but the final product needed to be worthy of the Nomad name and reputation. This was no overnight process, with over 5 years spent on learning the art of making lures, sourcing the best materials, understanding the processes, and finding the best factories and manufacturers to work with. Every lure started with an idea, then a hand drawn sketch before the lengthy process of turning an idea into a working lure. Every design idea had a purpose, which needed to be tested and perfected, which all takes time.



The AFN Fishing TV Show in Australia filmed several episodes featuring Damon Olsen and discussing the launch of Nomad Design Tackle in 2016

In mid 2015, Nomad Design launched 3 models onto the Australian market, with immediate success and widespread demand for more. This set the stage for a massive launch the following year, with huge demand for products both domestically and internationally. Within 3 months of launching, distributors had been setup in 9 different countries, and the Nomad Design Brand was quickly established as the premium bluewater lure brand in Australia.

Damon and the entire Nomad Design Team are passionate about lure fishing, it is what we do, it is all we think about and what we live for. Nomad Design may have been born in the Ocean, but our passion for fishing does not stop there. Doesn’t matter if it is a bass on a lake, a GT on the reef flats, a kingfish on a deep reef or snook in the mangroves. We are set on making lures for every species of fish, to fish anywhere in the world. We love fishing for anything, anywhere, and our range will grow over coming years to incorporate lures and tackle for every species.

Our mission is to use our experience to offer innovative products, which offer quality and value for money, to anglers all over the world.

Join us and be part of the Nomad Design has only just started!

You can watch us on the Discover Channel with the Local Knowlege TV Show in 2018.





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